FastForward is a Student Innovation Fund.

We invest and support innovative ideas and startups being launched by
current students and recent graduates of Higher Institutions in Nigeria.

₦200M To be Invested


FastForward Student Innovation Fund identifies, funds, and supports the startups and innovative companies of tomorrow today, while their founders are still students or recent graduates.

We will be funding final year projects which can be commercialized, and innovative side-projects being worked on by students with amounts between ₦250,000 to ₦2,000,000 taking equity of no more than 25% for the cash and support of these projects/startups.

The money being invested is raised from alumni of specific universities, high networth individuals, private equity companies and supported by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

We Invest in
Final Year Projects

Spend your last year in school building something that could potentially change the world… and your life.

As well as
Innovations / Startups

Get the funding and support structure needed to make your project/startup take off the ground.

Modus Operandi

Every 6 months, we invest in select projects/businesses from Nigerian higher institutions. Founders/Innovators must be students/recent grads and be ready to live on/near campus.

Asides cash, we work closely with the startups with the help of a network of part-time partners who lend their advice, expertise and connections to help these businesses grow.


What we are looking for

Read our Call for Innovation on the FastForward Insights Blog

Innovation of all kinds

We are investing in tech-enabled innovations, not just software or internet startups. Agriculture, healthcare, environmental innovations can create even more impact than software innovations.

Job Creators

Nigeria is in dire need of entrepreneurs who will create solutions that will help put more people in jobs. Technology that enables self-reliance, in every sense of the word.

Foreign Exchange Earners

We are looking for projects that will be built and run in Nigeria and earn foreign exchange from other countries.

Moonshot Technologies

We are looking out for disruptive groundbreaking tech ideas that improves dramatically on current technologies / processes. They don’t necessarily have to make business sense in 2016.

Third world solutions

We’ve got real problems in Nigeria. America will not come and solve them for us. We need practical and “commercializable“ solutions to clean water, power, governance and other real issues.

Sector revivals and initiations

There are too many untapped sectors and industries in Nigeria today - dead or non-existent. We are looking for Ideas that addresses these issues.

Our People

Opeyemi Awoyemi


Olufunbi Falayi


Investment One


Calling on Investors and Higher Institutions

Majority of FastForward's Investors are high net-worth individuals who are interested in investing in innovations from their alma mater.

For interest in investing in FastForward Fund, you can contact us via

Higher Institutions in Nigeria who are interested in promoting innovation amongst their students can also reach out via

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us to provide some feedback , give us suggestions, or to just say hello!

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